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We're sad to announce that we have shut down GetchaBooks.

This was a difficult decision for us. Over the last few years, we've loved building GetchaBooks. We were able to solve challenging technical problems and start a business, all while doing something we believe in: helping students save money.

We were lucky to be able to build a business around work we found rewarding, and were more successful than we ever dreamed was possible for a few college students working on a side project.

Unfortunately, that level of success wasn't enough to justify working on GetchaBooks full-time. We would have liked to continue working on the site after graduating, but running a business like GetchaBooks while working elsewhere isn't sustainable for us. Rather than let the site languish, we've decided to shut it down.

GetchaBooks wouldn't have been possible without your support. Thanks for being amazing customers and friends.

Ricky Mondello, Mike Walker, and Mike White

P.S. Still need to comparison shop for your textbooks? If you're a Tufts student, check out TuftsText, which is based on GetchaBooks. Otherwise, check out SlugBooks, CourseBooks, or TextYard, which are all similar to GetchaBooks.

P.P.S. If you're technically-minded and want to pick up where we've left off, we've released all of the code that makes up GetchaBooks. More information is available on our open source page.