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Frequently Asked Questions

How does GetchaBooks work?

When you tell GetchaBooks your courses, we'll look up what books your professors have assigned and find those books at popular online retailers for the lowest prices. We know what books you need because we find out directly from your school's website or your school bookstore. We only quote the latest prices from well-known and trusted sellers like Amazon, Half, and Chegg.

GetchaBooks doesn't sell you anything — it just helps you find the best prices for all your books as quickly as possible. It's kind of like your personal assistant for textbook shopping.

Does using GetchaBooks cost me anything?

GetchaBooks is completely free!

Completely free? What's the catch?

Whenever GetchaBooks quotes you a price from another website, it's the exact same price you'd find by going there yourself. If you decide to buy or rent a book from a vendor we recommend, they pay us a modest commission for sending you their way. We put that money back into making GetchaBooks easier, faster, and available at more schools.

Why isn't my school supported?

We're always working to add support for more schools. Drop us an email to let us know you're excited about having GetchaBooks at your school. In the meantime, if you already know what books you need, GetchaBooks can still help you find the best prices online.